Shingling Newmarket

Shingling Newmarket

Over the years , we’ve been responsible for 10,000 quality roof installations and of course at the heart of many of those are the shingles that act as the front line of defense against the elements. We are the Newmarket roofing company that takes great pride in every aspect of our work including of course shingling. We offer many different products that come with a wide range of warranties from 25 years to manufacturer lifetime versions.

Here at Dillion Bros Roofing, we make customer satisfaction our number one priority. That includes everything we do including of course shingling. We always want to do the job so that it stays done right the first time and that’s why we shy away from the common practice of putting old shingles over new ones.

Because we are the Newmarket roofing company that understands an educated consumer is our best customer, we want people to know what to look for and when it’s time to replace an old worn our roof for a newer one. For example, it’s important to call us when you see signs of shingles that are cracking or curling at the ends.

Our installers are GAF and IKO certified and we even offer natural cedar shakes. Why not call us today?

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