Roofing Services

We’re The Newmarket Roofing Company With Excellent Services

Here at Dillion Bros Roofing, we’ve taken great care and effort to make sure that our service department is comprehensive and offers our valued Newmarket roofing clientele the best in sales and service. We think it’s important that informed consumers know the difference between a good job and an interesting deal.

That’s why we are the Newmarket roofing company that starts the whole process off with an honest appraisal whereby we will detail everything that needs to be done and then give you a fair price for your consideration. We are the family-run business that doesn’t cut corners and we don’t recommend replacing old shingles over new ones for several good reasons.

That said, we will inform you about the right kind of features that are needed for a good Newmarket roofing job including the proper valleys and sheathing. Remember that when you look through our services page you’re getting the extra advantage of having a family-run business backing up each of the products we sell and install.

Please take a moment or two to look through the different services we offer. We’re sure you’ll find that we’re the Newmarket Roofing Company that stands apart from the competition.