Metal Roofing Newmarket

Metal Roofing Newmarket

A variety of excellent products is what we offer as your Newmarket roofing company specialists when it comes to metal roofing. We are proud to offer STEEL TILE ROOFING products that are perfect for a variety of commercial or residential projects. These products include the renowned 3 foot interlocking Katola system. We also offer a huge variety of colours and trim styles in the innovative BUCHNER ALUMINUM SHINGLE.

We take every aspect of any metal roofing in Newmarket very seriously to the extent that we make sure our installers are highly trained and well versed in all the safety standards. We continue to grow from our humble beginnings in 1998 but remain a family owned and operated Newmarket metal roofing company that’s dedicated to serving all of our clients in that specific area as well as the GTA and even points beyond.

We’re interested in any job no matter how big or small whether it be commercial or residential in nature and we always stay on top of the latest innovations to better serve our clients.

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