Sixteen Years of Quality Service For Your Newmarket Roofing Needs.

When you ask most people who are looking for either a commercial or residential roofing job to be done quickly and at a reasonable price, they will tell you that the experience of the Newmarket roofing company in question is one of their primary concerns.

That’s why we are proud to say we have 16 years of experience dating back to 1998 serving the communities of Uxbridge, Aurora, Newmarket, Richmond Hill and Zephyr. At Dillion Bros Roofing we’re proud to say that we make customer service our number one priority so you’ll be satisfied with every job you order from us from the initial estimate all the way to the complete cleanup we pride ourselves on after every job.

Being a family run business means that we understand how important it is to keep your loved ones safe and sound from the elements and that’s why we take special pride in making sure our installers are trained to the highest standards.

It’s important to us to look after every aspect of your Newmarket roofing needs. That’s why before the installation job even starts, we’re careful to make sure there is no damage to your landscaping or shrubs when we tear down the old roof. Our sixteen years of quality sales and service means we understand the need to pay attention to every detail.